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So you’ve heard of organic SEO. And you’ve heard of pay per click (PPC). But what’s the difference and why would you choose one over the other? Organic search – where you devote the time to building up your site and optimising it for keywords related to your industry that people will be using to search for goods and services online – is often viewed as a more trustworthy search result, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore PPC altogether.

And in fact, it can be particularly helpful if you’re not ranking on certain search terms but still want to be visible in the search results. While you’re waiting for your organic SEO campaign to take effect (which can take months), you can use PPC to boost your visibility on certain search terms so that potential customers can still see your website, even if your organic rankings aren’t showing fruit just yet.

Measurable ROI
This kind of advertising also provides you with measurable return on investment (ROI), so you can see exactly what your ads are doing in terms of conversions and driving people to your site. It’s easy to measure impressions and clicks, which can then be compared to your sales and revenue.
Instant Targeted Traffic
All visitors to your site will be category and keyword targeted, so you’re more likely to see qualified customers coming through the virtual front door. This means that you’re more likely to see your profits increase - and quickly!
Targeted Advertising
PPC ads mean you can choose specific keywords or interests so you’re able to target an exact audience or demographic. You can choose keywords that people will search for and direct them to a relevant page on your site, which will increase your chances of conversion.
You Only Pay For The Clicks You Get
It might sound self-explanatory but pay per click is exactly that… you only have to pay out money when someone actually clicks on the ad you have in place. Anyone who sees your ad and clicks on it will likely already be interested in what you’ve got to offer - so paying for their click will usually be worth the cost.

So how does it work?

For any company hoping to generate more leads and business through sponsored advertising, having your adverts run successfully is absolutely essential.

By using our targeted marketing campaigns, potential customers will be directed to your website the day your campaign is launched. Adverts can be tailored and delivered in specific geographical locations, targeting exactly the kind of clients you want.

This form of marketing is efficient and a highly cost effective way of advertising your business to the people who want your services and products.

Being at the top of a search engine results page is a brilliant way of increasing traffic to your site and doing it naturally and organic through SEO does take time and patience.

PPC means that you can make your site visible to potential customers immediately – all you need to do is set out your business goals, come up with a budget, find keywords to advertise (which we’ll help you with, of course) and choose some highly effective landing pages, and then you’re ready to rock and roll.

Open a Google search and type in a keyword or phrase, something that you might be searching for yourself. Look at the top of the first page – what do you see first? The first four results you’ll see all say ‘Ad’ next to the URL… that’s a PPC advert! And as you can see, they’re above the organic search results, so they’re what customers will see first and foremost.

As a Manchester PPC agency, we work with budgets of most sizes, from small local tradesmen to specific international branding campaigns. Our PPC account managers are highly skilled in running campaigns as efficiently as possible, achieving the absolute maximum potential out of your budget.
You’re also in complete control over which of your products or services you want to advertise, as well as where and when said ads appear online… so it’s a fantastic way of taking control of your internet presence as you wait for organic SEO to take effect.

Our team of PPC and Google Adwords specialists are perfectly placed to help you and your brand gain a positive return on investment through paid search advertising, so if you want to generate increased traffic and send qualified visitors to your website today, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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